Bromeliad, Costa Rica

There’s no getting around it: rain forest is mostly green.

Excepting the birds, it’s not exactly a riot of colours.

That makes the other colours that I did see even more spectacular.

Pink and white leaves of bromeliad in foreground; shallow depth of field with blurred green in background.


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6 Responses to Bromeliad, Costa Rica

  1. Jim Robertson

    Nicely seen and presented Isabel. It certainly gets the point across of the over-riding green-ness with few but spectacular colours.

    • Isabel Gibson

      Jim R – Many thanks! It’s a spectacular place, but I had to learn to see it, if you know what I mean.

  2. Tom Watson

    Last summer we, for the first time, obtained a Bromeliad plant to sit on the deck at our trailer. They have a lifespan so by this December the plant was dying. I was, however, able to separate three “pups” which were newly growing from the base of the plant. It does appear that two of them might make it, but it will probably require looking after the two pups for one to two years before they get any colour. I can’t see a way to insert a photo here so I will send it to you in an email. It was a very striking reddish-orange hue.

    • Isabel Gibson

      Tom – Thanks for the email! I can’t see a way to insert a photo here either, so the others will just have to imagine it . . .

  3. Alison

    I love bromeliads! really neat plants!

    • Isabel Gibson

      Alison – They are! We first saw them growing wild in the Caribbean, and that was a shock to the system, too, to folks who’d only seen them in pots.