Ice Cubes, Gilbert AZ

Some subjects I can revisit as often as I like: Parliament Hill when I’m in Ottawa, basic desert landscapes when I’m in Phoenix.

Some subjects I can count on accessing more often than not: native birds wherever I am.

And some subjects are total serendipity: I only get one chance to be in the right place at the right time.  

As I was one February afternoon when the golf course bordering our Gilbert neighbourhood dumped some ice cubes on the ground, just before I walked by in the direction of the setting sun.  If I’d been a few minutes earlier or later, or even if I’d been going the other direction, I never would have seen this.

Ice cubes melting on ground and backlit by late-afternoon light.


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6 Responses to Ice Cubes, Gilbert AZ

  1. Laurna Tallman

    A few artists specialize in the production of ephemeral art. To have stumbled into an inadvertent production of such beauty is magical.

  2. Judith Umbach

    This photo is unique in the proper sense of the word. And beautiful.

  3. Jim Taylor

    I’ve heard this called “mindfulness” — the ability to focus on the instant, on the moment, of simply being aware of the marvels going on around us. Possibly photographers have an advantage here.
    Jim T

    • Isabel Gibson

      Jim – Maybe. I look at my surroundings differently when I have a camera with me – even just the camera in my phone. Maybe we’re moving more into mindfulness as a society, since almost everyone has some sort of camera with them these days.