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A favourite photo of infrastructure (buildings, bridges, roads) and of anything manufactured; from my collection.

Vehicles, Lowell AZ

Whether it’s a “populated center” or a kitschy vintage-vehicle sales strip, Lowell offers a target-rich opportunity to photograph old cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Texaco sign reflected in hood of semi-truck cab.

Vintage big yellow taxi

Blue and rust(ed) Chevy station wagon.

Close-up of Edsel grille in aqua paint job.

Edsel name on 1959 sedan.


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Lowell, Arizona

Wikipedia says that Lowell is “a populated place” in Cochise County. I appreciate them clearing that up.  Other sites list Lowell as a ghost town.   Continue reading

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Seaway Skyway, Johnston ON

This bridge has three names:

  • Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge (even though it off-ramps into the town of Johnston, a few kilometres east of Prescott)
  • St. Lawrence Bridge (named for the river it crosses)
  • Seaway Skyway (for obvious reasons)

I had set out to add a photo shoot of the Thousand Islands Bridge to a family visit in Kingston.  Unfortunately, the weather was showery and grey. Disastrously, pedestrian access to the bridge was closed until May.  This was as close as I got.

Glimpse of Thousand Islands Bridge through trees

But the river goes for a long way, and the Big Guy suggested we try for the next crossing, at Prescott.  And so we did, finding a lovely bridge with impressive pylons and a central suspension portion to allow for river traffic.  And a little bit of sun.

Distance view of suspension bridge across St. Lawrence.

View from upstream

Photo showing curve of bridge acress St. Lawrence

View from downstream


View of pylons from under bridge.

View from underneath


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Don’t Fence Me Out

Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above
Don’t fence me in
Let me ride through the wide open country that I love
Don’t fence me in
Let me be by myself in the evenin’ breezes
And listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees
Send me off forever but I ask you please
Don’t fence me in.
– Robert Fletcher & Cole Porter

In today’s world, even in the wide open country that I love, being fenced out seems to be a bigger challenge than being fenced in.

Chain-link fence in foreground; desert in background.

Southern Arizona


Rusty fence in foregroun; copper pit in background.

Bisbee AZ


Chain-link fence with no trespassing sign

Bisbee AZ


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Wind Spinner, Gilbert AZ

This year, my regular walk along Queen Creek Wash in Gilbert turned up road runners, a spoon, chuparosa bushes, a glory of palo verde, geckos, desert cottontails, and a wind spinner in a yard backing onto the path.

I’m starting to experiment with effects possible with slow shutter speeds.  To do better with this one, I think I’d need a neutral density filter (to avoid overexposing while leaving the shutter open long enough to make streaks of the coloured plastic circles on the vanes of the spinner) and I should use a tripod (which I don’t carry on my multi-mile walks.  Go figure.).

I’d also want a less distracting background.  I’m sure the owners of this house will get right on that for me.  But this is a start, showing me what can be done.

Coloured streaks from a wind spinner, using a slow shutter speed.


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