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A favourite photo of infrastructure (buildings, bridges, roads) and of anything manufactured; from my collection.

San Tan Freeway, Gilbert AZ

The freeways in metro Phoenix are a wonder of layered swooping ramps, offering many striking views to a car passenger.  But getting a striking photo of them is trickier than I once thought:

  • Composition – many of the views I love rely on elevation I can’t achieve except in a vehicle, whizzing by on an adjacent ramp, and most of the ground-level viewpoints are marred by street signs, streetlamps, and wires
  • Safety – many of the places I might like to stand are likely illegal (slopes in the midst of several ramps), and anywhere I can stand is at least adjacent to high-speed traffic

So this is the first of what will likely be many attempts over the next few years to capture these amazing structures.

Arch of freeway ramp. seen from underneath.


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Helicopter, Tucson AZ

In February we visited the Pima Air and Space Museum near Tucson, with a friend.

I know nothing about aircraft – their design or their history in use – and yet it was still fascinating. I wandered around, trying to figure out how to get interesting pictures of the incredible array of aircraft at the Museum.  The good news for me was that these subjects stayed still.   Continue reading

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Vehicles, Lowell AZ

Whether it’s a “populated center” or a kitschy vintage-vehicle sales strip, Lowell offers a target-rich opportunity to photograph old cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Texaco sign reflected in hood of semi-truck cab.

Vintage big yellow taxi

Blue and rust(ed) Chevy station wagon.

Close-up of Edsel grille in aqua paint job.

Edsel name on 1959 sedan.


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Lowell, Arizona

Wikipedia says that Lowell is “a populated place” in Cochise County. I appreciate them clearing that up.  Other sites list Lowell as a ghost town.   Continue reading

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Seaway Skyway, Johnston ON

This bridge has three names:

  • Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge (even though it off-ramps into the town of Johnston, a few kilometres east of Prescott)
  • St. Lawrence Bridge (named for the river it crosses)
  • Seaway Skyway (for obvious reasons)

I had set out to add a photo shoot of the Thousand Islands Bridge to a family visit in Kingston.  Unfortunately, the weather was showery and grey. Disastrously, pedestrian access to the bridge was closed until May.  This was as close as I got.

Glimpse of Thousand Islands Bridge through trees

But the river goes for a long way, and the Big Guy suggested we try for the next crossing, at Prescott.  And so we did, finding a lovely bridge with impressive pylons and a central suspension portion to allow for river traffic.  And a little bit of sun.

Distance view of suspension bridge across St. Lawrence.

View from upstream

Photo showing curve of bridge acress St. Lawrence

View from downstream


View of pylons from under bridge.

View from underneath


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