National Treasure #51: Bobby Gimby’s “Canada”

(One little, two little, three Canadians)

As we launch fearlessly if not quite tirelessly into the last 100 national treasures, it seemed appropriate to look at something from 1967, when Canada turned 100.

We love thee
(Now we are twenty million)

Gosh. Just twenty million. Really?

(Four little five little six little provinces)

You can’t have been alive in Canada then and not remember Bobby Gimby‘s song.

Proud and free
(Now we are ten and the Territories sea to sea)

Bilingual, catchy, irritatingly upbeat with those children’s voices – what more could you want?

It’s the 100th anniversary of Confederation
Ev’rybody sing together . . .

And so on.

I wonder how many songs will be written for the sesquicentennial.

It’s the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Confederation . . .

I think I’ll leave this task to someone who might be remotely qualified for it.

Meanwhile, enjoy the song, the photos and the nostalgia.



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2 Responses to National Treasure #51: Bobby Gimby’s “Canada”

  1. I saw The Happy Gang at the old McGill Street theatre/studio when I was eight or nine. My interest in theatre took a leap forward as I witnessed the reality behind the abstraction of voices and music that accompanied lunch when I came home from school each day. I still remember many of the names and the instruments they played. Great and impervious memories.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – Interesting how much those early experiences can affect us. Also a little intimidating as a parent!

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