About Me

Headshot of Isabel Gibson; photo by Carla Dawes Photography (www.carladawes.com).

Photo by: Carla Dawes Photography | www.carladawes.com

Writer. Editor. Proposal specialist. Recent retiree.

Onetime aspirant to the Senate of Canada.

Bad singer. Interrupter. Lilac lover. Birder. Knitter.

Walker. Kayaker. Mother. Grandmother. Gardener.

Photographer and aspiring videographer . . .


Senate Run

Yes, starting in October 2015 I was really “running” for the Senate – for a non-partisan appointment to the Senate, at any rate.

In October 2016, the Governor General approved the Prime Minister’s recommendations for the last set of senators to represent Ontario – and lo, my name did not lead all the rest. Nor follow, for that matter. So my quest for a Senate seat is done.


Click here for poetry provoked by some of my photos, from Laurna Tallman.