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Short videos on wonderful aspects of the world around us.


I’ve written movingly and at great length about my old adversary, the squirrel.

Well, OK, maybe just at great length.

I’ve never before shown this villain in action.

If you’re wondering about the link on “my old adversary,” it’s to a clip from “The Hunt for Red October.” Check out the 1:00 point of Captain Ramius’ address to his submarine crew.

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Loon and Fisshy

This post introduces a new personal challenge.


The Big Guy says he learned to fly an airplane partly because of all those people over the centuries who yearned to fly, before we could.  Now that we can, how could he waste the opportunity?

I can easily pass on learning to fly, but I get the point.  I love movies – even short ones. Now that digital cameras and software let us make movies relatively easily, how can I waste the opportunity?

So I’m going to try to post a weekly movie – a super-short video on something – to learn by doing: both the technical and the creative aspects.   Continue reading

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