On the Scoreboard

Curling commentary: It’s just such a trove of life wisdom, innit?

Maybe not every week, but it was exactly that a few weeks ago when Estonia (that well-known curling powerhouse?) was playing Canada (that other, and maybe even-better-known, curling powerhouse) in Women’s World Curling. Canada stole points (that is, they scored without having the advantage of last rock) in each of the first two ends: 3 and 4 points, respectively. I can’t claim that’s unprecedented, but it would be exceedingly rare at this level of curling. For perspective, teams work through an entire end to score at least two points when they have last rock, but are often held to just one point by the machinations of the other team. Indeed, games are often determined by a single point, so a lead of seven points qualifies as comfortable.

As this blow-out was developing, Joanne Courtney–who used to play for the same Canadian team that was dominating on-ice play, and who is now a commentator for TSN–said something along these lines:

At this point Estonia has to adjust their objective
[from winning, Ed.’s note]
to just getting on the scoreboard.

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More Trees . . .

More specifically, more reflections of trees in vehicles. Because you can never have too many.

Amirite or amirite or amirite?
Rite? Rite? Rite?
Ned Ryerson (Bing!)

I do sort of wish that the vehicle manufacturers had omitted the brake light and the model number, respectively, from the middle of my photographic palette, but we all have our trials and tribulations. Amirite?

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Look Up

Look up.
Waaay up.

If this brings to mind the view panning up from the Friendly Giant’s boots, you might be as high in age as he was (supposed to be) in feet and inches. I don’t know why they never filmed that view like this. Maybe they didn’t yet have a wide-angle lens on their phone cameras.

Anyway, in the absence of giant humans, friendly or otherwise, it’s fun to look more-or-less straight up the trunk of giant trees: a Carolina pine, in the photo above; a Phoenix palm tree, in the one below.

Just a minute. What’s that light standard doing, photo-bombing my masterpiece? Let’s try again.

Better, although ideally I’d have more of the trunk at the bottom and less of the (presumed) cottonwood peaking in from the right.

I’ve made decent progress on thinking about where I’m standing before I tap the screen. I’ve made some progress on accepting the results afterwards: There just is not always a place to stand and a lens angle to choose that will recreate what I see, dagnab it, in a photo that you can see.


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Shower-curtain Faces

I don’t know what this patterning style is called. Paisley?

I don’t know whether the faces I found were intentional. Maybe?

In both collages, I’ve put the setting on the left and the close-up of the face on the right.

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Palmetto Ahoy!

Poking around our parking lot, I found an interesting van with a porthole. And in and around the porthole? Another car tree.

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Another Another Morning Stroll

What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.
Ecclesiastes 1:9

OK, maybe nothing new as such, but still nice, eh? This past week, touring the not-new hot spots with a friend, I saw a few nice things.

There were, of course, the not-new alligators.

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At this unhelpful, unfriendly, and frankly uninterested response, I wince, inwardly; outwardly, I keep smiling in a non-threatening way. Standing far enough away from the window (opened in response to me waving my phone in what at best only vaguely communicated intent but surely communicated nothing threatening), anyway, standing far enough away that I would need a pikestaff (aka javelin, lance, spear) to threaten the guy (who had been lounging in the car’s passenger seat minding his own business on his own phone and who is now wearing an “Is there no peace?” expression), I maintain what I hope is a “We’re all friends here, right?” expression and try my question/request again almost word for word, betting that the problem wasn’t how I said it or how fast I said it but, rather, his surprise that I had said anything at all: His surprise at being accosted. Fair enough.

There’s a great reflection of this tree
(here, I gesture non-threateningly at the tree behind me)
in your car.
Do you mind if I take a photo of it?

I can see him considering whether “Wut?” will serve again. He decides not.

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Another Morning Stroll

Last week I was in hardware,
this week I’m in shoes.
I got the working-at-the-Woolco,
Manager-Trainee blues.
– Buddy and the Boys
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Last week I had gnats in my teeth; this week I had muck between my toes. Well, I would have had, if I had been the one out there wading. Every trip to the great outdoors reminds me that although it’s always wonderful, it’s never perfect. As a tour guide once said to us, “We’ll get what we get. This is real life, not TV.”

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Visual Density? Bah!

What’s that?

I squint at the car turning left across our path. The paint looks . . . funny, in a way that I can’t quite put a word on. It’s shiny and yet not. It’s . . . milky is the best word I can come up with. It looks as if white had been mixed into the paint.

My memory says that was a few years ago, so it was likely at least five years ago–As many as ten? I don’t think so–and the number of cars with odd paint has gone up. Buoyed by my success at finding out why some semis have a diamond-shaped quilted look on their rear doors, I decide to ask Google Sensei what seems like a trickier question.

Why do some cars have milky paint?

Zing! The line goes taut.

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