Welcome to my visual journal, celebrating the wonder(s) of the world,
in all senses: Ooh! Wow! and Huh?

What’s Here?

Through My Eyes –  Photos of everyday, phabulous stuff  . . .

Montage of photos of chive flower, leopard frog, and clouds over White Lake

Chives and frogs and clouds, oh my!

Musings – Funny and serious essays on stuff worth wondering about . . .

Montage of dandelion seedhead, Snowbird jets over Peace Tower, and squirrel

Weeds, our own selves, and (shudder) squirrels

 Rambles – Bits and pieces on stuff at other times and in other places . . .

Montage of 6 nature photos (crab, heron, iguana, and beaches)

Galapagos & Australia


What Does It Mean?

For me, it’s all about my quest:

  • To think broadly
  • To feel clearly (yup, clearly)
  • To appreciate deeply

And, above all . . .

  • To laugh frequently

Where Have We Been So Far?

Sea slugs, chocolate layer cake, failing memories (human and computer), and local pronunciation oddities.

But wait, there’s more!

Where Are We Going?

“But,” you might ask, “what will happen next week?  What will we explore together?”

It beats me.  But I’m sure it will be wonder-ful.

“We are perishing for want of wonder, not for want of wonders.”
G. K. Chesterton

Well, Gilbert, maybe you should check us out.

Here, we’re not perishing for want of anything.