Ottawa River, Ottawa ON

Many years ago, a university student objected to his mark on the basis that he had worked on the assignment a long time.

I told him that if I had wanted to evaluate the amount of the input – as opposed to the quality of the output – I would have just asked them to submit the number of hours they’d worked on it, rather than the actual case study.

I thought of that the other day when I was playing around with Prisma. I often enjoy the output, but it takes too little work and skill to be really satisfying.

I expect that’s another blog. After all, where do I draw the line, given that I don’t mind operating my camera on various automatic modes or using simplified post-processing software to correct the deficiencies in my photo-taking techniques? I dunno. But it’s all enough to make me think about what I’m doing, and what gives me satisfaction.

Silhouetted buildings on riverbank at sunset.


River at sunset.

Photo + Prisma – #1

River at sunset.

Photo + Prisma – #2


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