Sun Awning, Scottsdale AZ

Driving north from Tucson, I saw a sign at a tree nursery.

We sell shade.

Maybe that was in the back of my mind while I waited for the Big Guy to finish his Spring Training ticket purchases at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. It was a dreary day, so the sky colour wasn’t great, but I played around with a few overhead shots of the sun awning.

As often happens with these mostly geometric photos, I’m not sure whether it works, or how it might work better. This is OK, I guess, but sort of boring . . .

Overhead view of awning, centered

Working with the cropping tools available to me, I first tried moving it off centre. Better? I don’t think so.

Overhead view of awning, off centre

Then I tried a widescreen format. Better? Maybe a little bit.

Overhead view of awning; widescreen

Maybe I’d do better to stick with birds and flowers and bridges. But I do wonder why I sometimes see fabulous photos of simple shapes, and yet have trouble doing them my own self. I believe this is going to take some work.


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6 Responses to Sun Awning, Scottsdale AZ

  1. Jim Taylor says:

    The trouble with abstract shapes is that the mind plays tricks (perhaps that’s the whole point of optical illusions). I looked at these pix, and I thought I was seeing a cartoon rendering of Barbie’s waist.
    Jim T
    (Don’t tell me my mind runs in predictable grooves.)

  2. Judith says:

    Ah it is the work that is the fun.

    I think the first one works because it emphasizes the symmetry in something we would not consider symmetrical. The last one doesn’t work for me because it adds more orange, which is not the focus of our mind’s eye.

    And I just like it!

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Judith – OK, that’s interesting. I think it might help if I read some stuff on design principles!

  3. Alison says:

    Wouldn’t it be lovely printed on fabric as a geometric repeat ??

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