Lowell, Arizona

Wikipedia says that Lowell is “a populated place” in Cochise County. I appreciate them clearing that up. Other sites list Lowell as a ghost town.

It seemed to me to be part of metro Bisbee. After all, the main-and-maybe-only street of Lowell is the site of the Bisbee Breakfast Club, recommended by our hotel (indubitably located in Bisbee) for – wait for it – breakfast.

Storefront for diner in ghost town of Lowell

Bisbee is a community of about 5,575 (2010 census), roughly matching its elevation in feet (5,538). A coincidence, I’m sure. Well, almost sure.

Lowell is adjacent to the Lavender Pit Mine, whose fence was featured here last week, so you see how it all ties together.

No? Well, never mind. It doesn’t have to make sense to be picturesque, and picturesque it is.

Broken-down old truck in front of UFO mural

A study in transportation contrasts


Old sign encouraging civis pride in Lowellites.

“Just past the pit!” The Lavender Pit Mine, that is.

Greyhound sign, flanked by Texaco sign.

Old gas pump with new Texaco sign on top.

Street signs distorted in rear-view car mirrors.

Rear-view view.


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4 Responses to Lowell, Arizona

  1. Jim Powers says:

    BBC. Brenda and I highly recommend it. And get the coffee cup, a useful souvenir.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim – More good tourist advice! Maybe next time . . . I expect we’ll go again to see the sandhill cranes.

  2. Jim Taylor says:

    There must be a story behind the “Broken Spoke” — the name appeared on a taxicab in another posting, and here as the name of a saloon.
    Jim T

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim – Well, there really is (or was?) a Broken Spoke Saloon, but in Sturgis, South Dakota – and I can’t find anything online that explains why that name. It’s owned by a motorcycle enthusiast.

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