MAiD: Again

A last word, for now, on this topic. I recommend reading the whole post: Complex arguments don’t summarize well.

In other words, the Court recommended that MAID should be regulated the way other medical procedures are regulated: under the civil law and the medical ethics prescribed by physicians’ colleges. In six years Parliament has yet to take this learned advice.
Andrew’s Views


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4 Responses to MAiD: Again

  1. Jim Taylor says:

    I suggest that our fear of dying is a lot less than our fear of dying alone and unloved. That doesn’t answer the MAiD question, but it deal with why some people find MAiD attractive.
    Jim T

  2. That is an interesting last word, Isabel. I will find time to read Andrew’s Views. I wrote too long an email on the topic that I did not send and it should be couched in yet a longer narrative. However, if I can make the world a more rational place with Focused Listening that will obviate some of these issues.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – And I should have been clear that it was offered as the last in a sequence only, not a definitive statement. And we’ll see what else comes my way on this challenging topic.

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