Which Twenties Cometh?

I remember the first time I saw someone in my cohort interact with an adult — and a geezer adult at that — in a way that presumed a teenager had a right to disagree OUT LOUD on matters of import. That wouldn’t be surprising now, but in the 1960s it was . . . unusual.

My friend had been advocating for something idealistic and someone old enough to be her grandmother had slapped her down, verbally. Patronizingly? Perhaps.

We have to live in the world the way it is.

There was a pause. Was my friend searching for a response that would be true to what she believed yet also respectful? Perhaps.

We make the world the way it is.

Fifty years on, I still see both points of view. The old lady was right: We can’t change other people or human nature or the history that’s gotten us here. The young woman was right: Our decisions and actions make a difference.

As we come out of Pandemic Land, I’m seeing more commentary on what life/work/travel/family will be like After. Some are the old lady, seeing a likely increase in exuberant, selfish and thoughtless behaviour: A new Roaring Twenties to match the craziness after WWI. But some are the young woman, showing us the choices we could make. Here are two from that crowd.

First, Seth’s piece on avocados, and on not wasting a perfect one. (Trust me.)

The perfect avocado”¦ Sometimes they’re too hard, and often, they’re rotten.
But every once in a while, you’ll nurture an avocado until it’s at the peak state
of flavor and texture. You certainly aren’t going to waste it.

Second, Tom Roberts’ video from almost a year ago. (And thanks to E. Hrycyk for reminding me of this.)

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2 Responses to Which Twenties Cometh?

  1. Tom Watson says:

    Wouldn’t we all like to know the future! What will it be like – the post-covid time? Will it be as it was a year ago February? If different, how so?

    There’s another thing about which to think: How soon can we get back to, um, “normal?”

    The answer is yet to be written. Some of it will be based upon the choices we all make, today and tomorrow.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Tom – You’re right. The future comes at us but we have some influence over it if we choose to exercise it. Not perfect control, but some.

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