Sky, Benson AZ and Yellowknife NT

OK, good news for the photographically challenged: There are lots of things that don’t (or don’t hardly) move.

Herewith, two shots of the skies.  As the Bard said, albeit in a different context, “Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale, her infinite variety.”

All things considered, the sky is pretty aged, but the clouds are ever-changing.  Infinite variety, indeed.

Black spruce underlining striated clouds across the sky.

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories


Silhouettes of bare trees against a dark sky with an obscured sun.

Benson, Arizona.


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6 Responses to Sky, Benson AZ and Yellowknife NT

  1. If asked to identify the Yellowknife sky absent the line of trees I would have guessed the photo was of windswept snow. Amazing!

    The Arizona sky surely had a Divine voice over?

    • Isabel Gibson

      Laurna – I don’t remember a Diving voice-over in Arizona, but I may have been too cold to be attending perfectly.

  2. Wonderous photo in NWT! Good eye, and brain, too.