Fruit Bat in Cairns

We had no sooner arrived at the hotel, it seemed, than one gentle couple was back at the front desk, changing their room.  Why?

“Too many birds.  Too much noise.”  Really?  Interesting.  I wondered idly what they were–seagulls, maybe, this close to the coast?–and lost interest. I had already learned that my shaky handheld zoom wasn’t up to getting good photos of birds high overhead in trees.

But the next morning, a fellow tourer and much better photographer found a great vantage point on an outside stairwell and got some fabulous photos.  Inspired, I took my best shot, too.

Here’s one of those noisy birds, having a stretch.

Back view of upside-down fruit bat stretching one wing above/below its head.
Like a bat out of hell?


They perched in (er, hung from) the trees around the hotel pool in their thousands, I think.

Noisy?  Yes.  Smelly?  Ooh, boy!



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Laurna – Thanks! I admit I wouldn’t want a so-called flying fox in my house, but at least they just eat fruit or lick nectar – no danger of bite marks in the night!

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