Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Our Big Year for travel, 2014, saw us in two eminently photo-worthy locations: the Galapagos, and New Zealand and Australia. Naturally enough, most people on our tours took pictures, as did I; several took photographs that rivalled what a professional would produce, as I did not!

In the midst of all this photo taking, two people stood out:

  • One fellow traveller to the Galapagos never carried a camera of any sort. I have to say, she looked pretty relaxed and, as they say, in the moment. At the other end of the spectrum, I think some shipmates only saw the islands through a telephoto lens!
  • Our tour leader in Australia and New Zealand also took no photos. Indeed, this indefatigable world-traveller gave up on taking photos years ago: She said she prefers to focus on making vivid memories.

Somewhere between the extremes suits me. I get that it’s good to be there, but I’m glad I have photos of both trips. Now, they serve as a reminder. In the moment, being alert to photo opportunities helped me see my surroundings more acutely. Without the camera in my hand, for example, I doubt that I would have particularly noted either of these views of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Bridge Framing Opera House

One arc of Sydney Harbour Bridge, framing the iconic Opera House in the distance.

Giraffes Framing Bridge

Harbour Bridge in distance, framed by two giraffes facing each other.


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  1. I really think a camera helps one Attend. You will have memories without one, but far more with. Besides, it’s FUN to try for a great shot to be surprised over later!

  2. Jim Robertson says:

    I plead guilty to being too often one who sees his travels through the viewfinder !!

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