Red Flower, Samally Lake ON

OK, I admit it: I have no idea what flower this is.  A geranium?  An azalea?  It beats me.  And I admit, too, that if it were a bird, I’d have made the effort to identify it.

But identified or not,  these tiny blossoms graced the deck of a friends’ cabin on a small lake near Renfrew, Ontario, providing a lovely foreground for the lake.

C;ose-up of 5-petalled red flower, with out-of-focus lake in background.
Small is beautiful.

Sometimes, the Big Guy asks, somewhat plaintively, why I don’t take pictures that show the scenery as it is.  I have two contradictory answers, which are, somehow, both true:

“I do.”

“This is more fun.”



  1. I remember this brilliance because I went to my deck and checked out the geranium, which matches for shapes and structure, but not for glory. Small is also large, in the Georgia O’Keefe manner of extolling floral essences.

    Today, this blossom is celebratory for being so like the begonia blooms I plucked from a flower bed in front of the hospital, with a bright green leaf, to present to the much-more alert Alex. He is making progress.

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