Bottle Cap, Ottawa ON

Well, not Ottawa exactly, but out in the woods near-ish to our nation’s capital, in a nature preserve.

We went on a walk led by Nature Conservancy staff, ostensibly (and, likely, partly) to thank donors and to further acquaint us with the work they do. And, likely, partly to encourage more donations. Fair enough.

So we enthusiastic few and a few hangers-on (the Big Guy comes to mind) tromped into a small lake/pond, listening to an interpretive talk as we went. But as we stopped at the pond/lake for a respite before heading back, something preserved but not very natural caught my eye.

Rusted and faded Coors Light bottle cap, embedded in forest floor.

Police believe alcohol may have been a factor.


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10 Responses to Bottle Cap, Ottawa ON

  1. Jim Robertson says:

    I prefer finding sand dollars myself -:) …. But I guess you don’t find any of those nearish to Ottawa

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim – I prefer sand dollars, too, but I guess it’s a matter of making lemonade. I did think briefly about doing a series on found bottle caps – there is certainly subject matter pretty much everywhere.

    • Hey, don’t knock small round objects found on the ground! I’ve a small fortune scanning this stuff (I have 3,200 objects) and turning them into graphics!
      And I once found a small round dollar embedded in the snow — a loonie.
      Scanned it, then spent it.

  2. Lovely photo and very funny caption.
    Ever think of doing a whole collection of these bottle cap photos in one big image?
    I did it with fallen (single) gloves — very effective, I thought.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – I hadn’t though of it, but I like it. I only have the one bottle cap so far, but expect I could find others. What software would I need for stitching? I use PowerPoint for collages right now, and it’s not super for that purpose.

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