Grackle, Chandler AZ

I filed this photo as a redwing blackbird, but looking at it again, I’m pretty sure it’s a grackle.

Unlike Tuesday’s post of the conifer, I had no idea as I took this photo that it would be a silhouette: something about the placement of the sun, vis-à-vis me and the grackle.  Or blackbird.  It was, in fact, almost too bright to see the screen at all, so this was taken with the what-the-heck panache that comes with not having to pay for film.

Crow on bare branches, silhouetted; one wing raised for balance.
Grackle in silhouette



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim – Cornell’s All About Birds shows AZ as in the boat-tailed grackle’s range, so I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. (It’s like dictionaries – as long as you can find one source that agrees with your usage, you’re in!) As for film, yes, given my hit rate, I’m way better off with digital!

  1. Alison

    Can’t really comment on the grackle vote – but I’m pretty sure it’s not a redwing blackbird? Ahh digital – great to take so many images to get one good one – now if only I’d trash all the images that AREN’T good??

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Alison – Yes, file management has become a bigger issue. So tempting to keep things forever since space is not a consideration. I forget that “time spent looking later” is!

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