Coast, Newfoundland

Standing close to the spot where the power line had been so cleverly hiding in plain sight the night before, I turned seaward and crouched down (easier then than now) to get a different perspective.  One without any cursed power lines.


Close-up of rocks on a hillside overlooking sea in the background.



  1. I spend inordinate amounts of time negotiating with a world that has power lines (and garbage cans). I am just back from Nova Scotia where surprisingly there are even more power lines than in Newfoundland. This trip in more situations than usual, I decided the proliferation was part of the visual story. Not sanguine but accepting.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Judith – Ah, yes, the noble garbage can and recycle bin. I have an otherwise nice shot of me in St. Andrews, standing under the Gibson Street sign, and standing right beside a blue bin. You’re right: Sometimes, you just have to go with it.

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