Water Dragons, Kuranda

On our last touring day in Australia, we went to our second World Heritage site in as many days. Yesterday, the Great Barrier Reef; today, the Kuranda RainforeStation Nature Park.

Me, I much preferred snorkeling the reef, even with the salt water up the nose. But the rainforest was not without its compensations; to wit, water dragons. Despite their name, they’re an arboreal species; here, however, they were hanging out on the restaurant deck.


Close-up of water dragon on wooden deck.

Although it’s not much noted in the scientific literature, they’re given to beady stares. At least, I hope they’re so given: I do try not to take things personally.


Close-up of juvenile or female water dragon.



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7 Responses to Water Dragons, Kuranda

  1. How friendly are these little critters? Also, how curious about what’s on your plate? Are there signs displayed about not feeding them?
    Methinks your blog needs a post on them.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – I can’t answer many of your questions. As we were leaving, the waitress pointed them out on the deck and just beside it. They seemed pretty habituated to the human presence, letting many of us get close enough for photos without taking off. But I didn’t see any “Don’t feed the Dragons” signs, which is sort of a shame when you think about it!

  2. Tom Watson says:

    Do you remember the old comedy duo “Bob and Ray?” They had an hilarious sketch about searching for the Komodo dragon. Not sure how to find that sketch now.

  3. Tom Watson says:

    Found it. Go to YouTube and search for “Bob and Ray Komodo dragon” and it’s there. The humour is a little dated but I always enjoyed them.

  4. Tom Watson says:

    Sorry. I should have shown the link. One if the best lessons in listening, or not, was their interview with the slowest talking man in the world.

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