Week 1 of the Campaign

One week ago today, I accidentally launched a campaign to get appointed to the Senate.  You know how these things go: You’re beaking off and before you know it, a lighthearted remark about campaigning for something takes on a life of its own.

Since that post, I’ve set up a Facebook page (20 likes already!!) and had business cards, buttons, and a cover photo for said Facebook page designed and printed/produced/uploaded, as applicable.

Isabel Gibson with campaign button and business card.
The Campaigner at home.

I’ve failed to take video on Parliament Hill, even though our production team had perfect gender parity.  Sigh.  We’ll do better next time.

I’ve started a list that includes finding a campaign bus and learning something about, you know, the Senate.

So here we go.  Some said they thought the federal election was long, at 11 weeks.  They ain’t seen nothin’ yet!



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Sid – Many thanks. Do you want to sign up to walk a block on my behalf? Your name would be first on the list. Do you want a button? I’m mailing them internationally (USA, Germany) (so far) as we speak.

  1. John Whitman

    In this new age (as of 19 Oct 15) of political enlightenment, please keep in mind that if you really want to score political points, in addition to gender parity, your team must also include race and religious parity plus an environmentalist. It also won’t hurt if the civil service unions are on your side as well.
    Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be of any value to your team as I am just a grouchy old male Caucasian.
    John W

    1. Isabel Gibson

      John W – Pretty sure there isn’t a quota target for grouchy, old, male Caucasians (not that you’re necessarily being fair to yourself). I find all the arguments for and against quotas interesting, and could wish only that there were a little less heat on the topic. But with power and sense of self-worth tied up in this, I think, it’s unlikely to get cooler anytime soon.

  2. Dave J

    It would be great to know a real live senator. Then I could harass you about all the things that need to be studied or changed and you could pass it on to whomever. Go for it!
    I can provide my list whenever you’re ready.

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