Spider Web, Costa Rica

One of the interesting things about photography is that I often forget my physical troubles when I’m taking a photograph.

When chasing sunsets or reflections, I forget that I was cold just a minute ago.   When I’m crouched, waiting for a bird to emerge from a bush, my knees don’t hurt.

In Costa Rica I learned that while I’m taking the photo, I forget that I don’t like spiders.

The product of a golden silk orb-weaver spider, this web filled the space between two posts about six feet apart and almost filled it top to bottom – a distance of about eight feet.  Our guide leaned into it with two hands, and the web stretched but didn’t break.

Spider web in foreground; out-of-focus flowers in background

PS – This post presented me with an interesting categorization problem: Is this “photos of fauna,” even though the spider itself be lacking, or “photos of built stuff,” even though all other photos in that category are stuff built by people?  It’s a puzzle.


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6 Responses to Spider Web, Costa Rica

  1. Jim Robertson

    Maybe another question is do we have to categorize as much as we do?
    (But we do have to have keywords to find things later don’t we….☺)

    • Isabel Gibson

      Jim R – Setting up categories always seems like a good idea at the outset, but the world isn’t quite as neat in the flesh as it is on paper. I just decided to use both categories, on the grounds that if someone were actually searching for “similar” photos, both might be of interest.

  2. Alison

    You could be like me on Pintrest, and create yet another category?

    • Isabel Gibson

      Alison – Somehow, at 11 PM, that didn’t occur to me . . . maybe next time. I just used both categories.

  3. Thank you, Isabel. I now like one spider, almost. Absolutely fascinating.