Dragonfly, Lake Clear ON

Taking photos from a kayak? What a great idea! Think of the access to birds and other wildlife that I can’t see from the shore. Think of the unusual perspective.

Think of the never-ending motion of a kayak, even on flat calm water.


So when I got something that was pretty good, I called that a success.

Black dragonfly on yellow kayak

I also called it a day for kayak-based photography.

Since then, I’ve had lots of damselflies and dragonflies on my kayak. Now I just smile and wave them on, when they’re ready.


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2 Responses to Dragonfly, Lake Clear ON

  1. Judith says:

    More fun to attempt the impossible than to do the mundane. Like this photo – looks like it is a jet waiting for takeoff.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Judith – Yes, that’s the positive spin, for sure! I just wish I’d known at the outset that I was attempting the impossible. I figured it’d be easy.

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