Bridges, Selkirk MB

This might be better called “things across rivers,” since one of the structures is primarily a dam and a lock.

It might also be better called “Selkirk and area,” since one of the structures is in Lockport, about 10 km from Selkirk.

And I might have called it “Selkirk, Land o’ Ugly Bridges.” Any collection has some range of quality, and my collection of bridge photos is no different: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here’s the dam and lock (and bridge, how incidentally I don’t know) at Lockport, south of Selkirk.

Bridge, dam and lock across the Red River.

St. Andrew’s Lock and Dam, Lockport MB

Here’s the 1935 lift bridge, smack dab in the middle of Selkirk.

Lift bridge arcoss the Red River.

Selkirk Lift Bridge, Selkirk MB

Here’s the Highway 4 Bridge (clearly in need of an interesting name), a simple span bridge a wee way north of Selkirk. At least I think it’s a simple span bridge. Yesterday I was still calling this a pillar bridge (for, ahem, obvious reasons) but a session with a civil engineer in a downtown pub has given me new terminology.

Cment pillar bridge across Red River.

Highway 4 Bridge

It isn’t what I’d call remarkable, but it’s the best of the lot. And with a more interesting place to stand, it’s better yet.

Cement pillar bridge across Red River, seen from underneath the bridge.

Highway 4 Bridge, view from underneath

And here’s the view at sunset.

Cement pillar bridge at sunset

Highway 4 Bridge at sunset


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4 Responses to Bridges, Selkirk MB

  1. Sid says:


    I had no idea; that like me, you love bridges!
    Well done.


    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Sid – Ah, Grasshopper, there is still much that I have to teach you. Anyway, glad you liked it. I’m having fun with bridges, that’s for sure.

  2. John Whitman says:

    Got to love those engineers!

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      John – Well, when they aren’t being too provoking. Now that I know about simple span bridges, I see them everywhere on my road trips. There must be 10 of them crossing the 416, for example, en route to the 401. Ugly, but cheap.

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