National Treasure #14: Rick Mercer

Skinny-dipping with Bob Ray.

Edge-walking the CN Tower with Jann Arden.

Sleeping-over at 24 Sussex when the Harpers were in residence.

Riding in a Lancaster bomber.

Parachuting out of an airplane with General Hillier.

Making potato chips.

Making a suit with Don Cherry.

Explaining Canada.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else doing even one of these things on camera, much less all of them, but that’s what makes Rick Mercer a national treasure.  And that’s without even considering the rants, on everything from refugees to flu shots.

He’s not much like Stan Rogers, except in this: He also shows us ourselves.

This is one of a series on Canadian national treasures – my sesquicentennial project. They reflect people (living and dead), places, and things that I think are worth celebrating about our country, and are done in no order of precedence.


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