Railing, Ottawa ON

Well, here’s another of those photos that raises the question, “What is it a picture of?” Strictly for classification purposes, you understand.

Retaining wall and railing stretching into distance; atrifical bay, behind.

The railing and retaining wall extending not quite to infinity, but beyond the photo’s limits? The buoys? Mooney’s Bay?

The contrast between artificial constructs and the natural world?

A study in artificial constructs, given the dam (out of sight to my left) that is responsible for the body of water?

Or something, maybe, about the whole package?


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2 Responses to Railing, Ottawa ON

  1. It is art for art’s sake.
    Your photos often appeal to me like “eye food” — it happens in the eyes and can’t be (totally) explained with words.

    I know it’s a daft and reactionary request (from an artist of 40 years), but one needs to look at a painting/graphic without insisting it relate to one’s own experiences — as in: It looks like where I walk my dog; is that Nova Scotia? etc.

    Every year the pleasure of a visual experience — art for art’s sake — has been eroding; I blame lack of esthetic awareness/important and art itself taught in schools. How else to explain Merivale Road?

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – Sounds good to me. The bit about art for art’s sake, I mean – not Merivale Road, for which there may be an explanation but certainly no justification. I have never missed having my camera while on Merivale Road.

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