Tie-Dyed Clothes, Burnstown ON

One of the principles of photography is to minimize distractions to your focus, as it were.  Easier said than done.

I took these photos before I knew how to blur the background, and don’t think that would have helped anyway. In this case, the best I could do was to stand where the background would be least distracting, and it’s OK but not great IMHO.  Just too much going on.

But the clothes are cool, and it was a creative way for the artiste to display them.

Tie-dyed clothes hanging on a clothesline.

Tie-dyed clothes hanging on a clothesline.

As a side note, for any who get this far, I categorized this post under “Photos of Built Stuff.”  Hard to argue with that, although it’s not exactly what I had in mind when I named the category.



  1. Jim Robertson

    Tie-dyed t-shirts, I have seen but the others are newbies to me. Guess only in Burnstown.
    Good spotting Isabel. (But I guess it would have been hard to miss them ☺☺)

    1. Isabel Gibson

      John – I have it happen by accident, too, but sometimes it’s on purpose. I set the aperture to a low F-stop number, like 5.4 or somesuch, and then focus on the subject. The range of what’s in focus is very shallow, and the background blurs, anywhere from a lot to a little, depending on how much I’m zooming.

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