Hill at Dawn, Alice Springs, AUS

They call it the Red Centre – the arid region in the centre of Australia – a region that is, well, largely red.

Our recent trip to Utah took us to the arid region more or less in the centre of the USA – a region that is, well, largely red. It put me in mind of Alice Springs and our pre-dawn walk up the memorial hill in the centre of town, captured in two photos.

War memorial hill in Alice Springs, in dawn light

War memorial hill in Alice Springs, in dawn light


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  1. Remarkably similar, including the lighting and the clouds. I was thinking how ubiquitous the grasses of the earth, as that common Aussie Masked Lapwing could be sitting in my backyard and who would know it was not in Sydney but the photographer? The grasses in both “red” locales also increase the sense of familiarity. To my eye, the red rocks of Prince Edward Island and the red earth in the state of Georgia have the same hue, which must be iron. Now, there’s a research project for a less busy day!

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Laurna – It took me a while but now I see what you mean – and why. These shots are both the hill in Alice Springs. (Sorry – I was talking about two places and showing two photos, but from only one place.) As I understand it, red soil/rock always indicates oxidized iron, wherever it occurs.

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