Masked Lapwing, Sydney, AUS

The masked lapwing is not a rare bird in Australia.

The masked lapwing (Vanellus miles), also known as the masked plover and often called the spur-winged plover or just plover in its native range, is a large, common and conspicuous bird native to Australia, particularly the northern and eastern parts of the continent, New Zealand and New Guinea. – Wikipedia

But one of the joys of travelling is that their ho-hum is my wow.

Masked lapwing sitting on ground



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Tom – Thanks! After what seems like years chasing flitty little birds, I can’t even tell you how delightful it was to find a biggish bird that just sat there.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim – These specimens in the civic park in Sydney were obviously highly habituated to the presence of humans and didn’t bolt while I got my act together or even when I crouched down. Very considerate . . .

  1. Alison

    I still chuckle at the response of a Newfoundlander, who was amazed by seeing a magpie while visiting Alberta, and asked me if it was a type of “parrot” that had escaped someone’s home. He thought they were beautiful, and that we were SO lucky to have them as a native bird! I’ve looked at them with a little more appreciation ever since.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Alison – LOL. I, too, remember seeing Easterners in Calgary all amazed by magpies – a bird I had learned early to disrespect. “Just a magpie.” Certainly not interesting, much less wonderful. And I get that they’re slightly obnoxious birds, as are most in that family, but they are wonderful, too.

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