Bus Shelter Roof, Ottawa

In the spirit of nothing being all good or all bad, I offer here a photo that I never would have had if my bus had been running on anything like a reasonable frequency.

Giving up on it downtown, I took another bus that runs to the airport and disembarked at the last stop possible, to wait for the bus that wends its way through my neighbourhood.

Standing around on the platform on this blue-sky day, I used my phone camera to capture this shot.  Even as I took the photo, I noticed that I was taking more care to get the shot straight on and centered in the frame than I would have a few years ago.  Not that skewed and off-kilter are wrong, just that I don’t yet have the judgement to know when they will work.

Red metal beams of bus shelter roof; showing blue sky through the plexiglass.

That, and maybe that I’m a little over-inclined to come at things straight on, literally and figuratively.


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