Gateway Arch, St. Louis MO

Damn, it was cold.  Sunny but freezing.

Early on a Sunday morning, after checking out the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge (from the Illinois end of the bridge because the Missouri end of the bridge was permanently closed due to persistent car vandalism and thefts, not that you should leave any valuables – Like a husband? – in a parked car at the Illinois end either), our GPS navigated us down to the waterfront (ON THE MISSOURI SIDE) so we could drive by that iconic St. Louis sculpture: the Gateway Arch.  

After getting my driver to stop en route at a few places for bridge pictures, I was frozen.  But I popped out of the car just long enough to snap a photo of the Arch using my phone.  This doesn’t really give a good sense of its size, but since I know that, I like it anyway.

Overhead view of top of St. Louis iconic arch



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim R – Many thanks. Of course, the real reason it’s so lopsided is that I could hardly see the screen for glare, and it was so cold I wasn’t about to take any longer framing it!

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