Green Heron, Chandler AZ

Out for a walk at Veterans Oasis Park, I spotted American coots in the fishing lake and didn’t even break what passes for my stride. Then I saw a swimming bird about the same size, but with a red face shield and of their own accord my feet diverted me off the paved path to the gravel-strewn lakeshore.

I figures it was the common moorhen/gallinule, and thought I might get a picture at a decent range. Of course, as I slowly approached the shoreline, the gallinule calmly receded from it: a zero-sum game, at best.

But as I turned to head back to the path, something else caught my eye. Ah ha: another photo for my “serendipity” collection.

Green heron on rock beside small waterfall

Not being a downstream part of their food chain, I love herons of all sorts, and these small green herons are a favourite. As I look back through my photos from Phoenix over the years, I note that I have quite a few of frozen-in-place green herons. At least there’s usually no problem getting a sharp picture: They don’t flit around. This stock-still pose is their standard, giving me lots of time to frame and focus.

My next target, though, will be to catch one of these beauties in flight. Sharply.


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2 Responses to Green Heron, Chandler AZ

  1. Jim Robertson says:

    As you say, there’s always some to photograph Isabel. Good luck on get a sharp shot of the green heron in flight ☺. I think I have only seen 1 or 2 flying. I find them when they are fishing and frozen in staring….

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim – They’re very fast (and streamlined) in the air. My best bet (not a good one, but the best) I think would be to catch one just launching. But I’m not that fast a responder.

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