Desert Flower, Boyce-Thompson Arboretum, AZ

OK, I don’t know what plant this is the flower of. I just wanted to get that out of the way up front.

If this were a new bird for me, I admit I would have tracked it down the same day. An unknown flower, not so much.

I just liked the way it looked.

Close-up of flower bud on succulent plant

I saw it at Boyce-Thompson Arboretum, about a 60-minute drive east of metro Phoenix, which showcases the deserts of the world.


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2 Responses to Desert Flower, Boyce-Thompson Arboretum, AZ

  1. Jim Robertson says:

    Nice depth of field Isabel and still kept the background well out of focus. The Æ’-10 worked well. Love the lack of noise even at ISO 1250.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim R – Thanks, Jim. I can’t remember on which shots I consciously chose aperture, and on which ones I just liked what I saw through the viewfinder (no matter how the settings got that way) and went with it. But when it works, it’s nice.

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