National Treasure #119: Ron MacLean

He was named Ronald Joseph Corbett MacLean, but you can call him Ron. Everyone does.

Ron is a hockey player, a hockey referee, past and current host of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, an author (albeit with some help), and a blogger on Sportsnet.

He wrangles Don Cherry on Coach’s Corner without any apparent assistance. For that alone he deserves a place on this list, but his ability to do it while delivering the most excruciating and/or obscure puns is without peer. If you have a good/bad one, tweet it to him this coming week for his birthday (April 12): @RonMacLeanHTH.


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2 Responses to National Treasure #119: Ron MacLean

  1. Ian Hepher says:

    In addition to his unrepentant punsterism, Ron is under appreciated, I think, for the depth of his hockey knowledge. A national icon for sure.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Ian – Yes, a friend of ours who knows a lot about hockey (he played major junior hockey for a few years) has said the same thing about Ron – that he knows the game. Excellence is delightful, in almost any application.

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