Green Heron, Gilbert AZ

As I may have mentioned, photographing birds is a seductive and addictive pastime in which the standard keeps changing.

When I started, I was happy to get a recognizable photo of a bird.

Then I wanted one that was tack sharp.  In good light.  Exhibiting an interesting pose.

Now, I want sharp photos of birds in flight.

This zoomed and cropped photo of a green heron illustrates the challenge.  This bird was behaving a little oddly by planting itself out in full view rather than being tucked into the reeds along the shoreline.  But it was sufficiently far away that my photo is low resolution.

Green heron in pond, with neck stretched out.

On the other hand, it’s miles better than the one time I got it in flight.

Blurry photo of green heron in flight

And the chase continues.



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