When You

By the time I learn about internet memes, they are generally past their prime, to put it no higher. The “when you” meme takes photos and adds captions intended to elicit both a laugh and an “Oh yeah, me too” reaction.  Some are funny; many are gross and crude.

But as with many things, they’re harder than they look.

When You First Learn How to Play Hide & Seek

Duck peeking out between reeds.

When You Feel Like a Duck in the Headlights

Being stared down by a duck

When You Hear Big Teeth Behind You

Duck in close-up, looking askance at photographer.



  1. Tom Watson

    I grew up on a farm in south western Ontario. We had white geese. “When I heard hissing and feet running behind me, it was best to get away quick. Ganders could take your skin in their beak and give you one nasty pinch.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Tom – Oh, yes, a fear of geese is completely rational. I remember the women at a Hutterite colony (visited when my kids were on a field trip) laughing at me for being so jumpy around the geese. In turn, I was in awe of their fearlessness.

  2. Jim Taylor

    “Some are funny; many are gross and crude.” There’s a fine line in humour between the two of those options, and it keeps shifting. Somehow it’s a lot easier for many of us (especially those who still have seven-year-old minds) to formulate gross, indecent, racist, sexist, xenophobic, etc., responses, rather than lines that genuinely enable us to see the funny side of universal experiences.
    Jim T

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim T – Yeah, the humour I favour/tolerate is likely hokey (but not pokey) by current norms. One of the inevitable consequences of aging.

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