National Treasure #130: Russell Peters

I’ve written about Russell Peters before: the Canadian of Indian (East Indian, that is) parentage, who grew up in Brampton ON.

His stand-up comedy targets every ethnic group, around a core of jokes about Indians:

It’s not surprising that he gets away with making fun of his own group, but he also gets a pass for making fun of other brown people.  He violates other social norms, too, telling white parents to beat their kids, for example, so they won’t feel left out in a multicultural schoolyard where all their immigrant classmates are being whupped by their parents.

I had trouble finding clips for this piece, because his shows have become much ruder and cruder over the years, but his early stuff was magnificent.


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  1. Tom Watson

    Kinda wonder when the market for “ruder and cruder” will fade? I’m not a prude but it’s off-putting to say the least. I used to like Russell Peters.

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