Helicopter Undercarriage, Tucson AZ

And the mood strikes again, so here’s another photo of a helicopter from the Pima Air and Space Museum.

What kind?  Dunno.  I just like the shape.

Although I did have to resort to extreme cropping to get rid of the bare tree branches that photo-bombed the original.

View of grounded helicopter from ground.



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16 Responses to Helicopter Undercarriage, Tucson AZ

  1. And.. you have a face there (only one eye).

    • Isabel Gibson

      Barbara – Hmm. I don’t see that. If the red bits could be eyes, though, I could make that work.

  2. Judith Umbach

    My kind of photo – graphic and unexpected! “Resorting” to editing is an unknown concept. Refining photos and every kind of artwork is a norm.

    • Isabel Gibson

      Judith – I stand refined. 🙂 But I would have liked to keep the whole of the tail.

  3. Jim Robertson

    Nice image, makes you stop and look to work it out.

  4. Jim Taylor

    Ah, yes, cropping. People understand it in relation to visual art. Would that they might apply it to verbal art.
    Jim T

  5. Alison

    Isabel- the red bits are the earrings! And perhaps she’s winking?