Dragon and Mom, Gatineau QC

MosaiCanada is one of the Signature Events for Canada’s 150th, and the dragon was one of the signature sculptures therein, says me. Did you know that national celebrations these days require dragons in the street?

For that matter, did you know that Canada has a “horticultural friendship” with Shanghai and Beijing?

I thought not.

The challenge in taking pictures at this event, after finding parking and waiting in line, was to find perspectives that showed enough of the sculpture without showing either people or buildings in the background. It wasn’t always possible.

Dragon in floral or horticultural art.

As for the title of this post, I admit it’s a wee bit cutesy: Mom refers to Mother Earth.

Mother Earth figure in floral or horticultural art

For my taste, the exhibit was interesting but not fabulous. The artistic merit is less than the technical difficulty, I’d say, and the technical impact might have been greater with fewer pieces. Even just one. Too many makes it all look, well, too easy.






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