Unknown Insect, Echo Bay ON

It’s not a fly.  It doesn’t look like a bee.  It can’t be a dragonfly (wings not held at right angles to the body when at rest).

Is it a wasp?  Maybe.

These two shots show that even a 300mm-equivalent zoom just isn’t always enough camera.

Original view of unknown flying insect on deck railing.
Even at maximum zoom on my camera, I’m thinking, “Is that a bug?”


Close-up of unidentified flying insect, sitting on deck railing.
It is a bug, but I still don’t know which kind. It’s also a tiny file when cropped.





  1. Jim Robertson

    Isabel: I am certainly no expert, but I am guessing a Bee Killer (which I had never heard of) based on these two websites:

    You’ll love the first site as it has watermarks right through the insect making it very difficult…

    The second site I have used as you can send in pictures and they’ll identify it for you. That might be an option here although they might wish you had a marco shot of it..

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim R – I think you might have it. And, indeed, I sorta wish I had a macro shot of it, too. Except for having some concerns about getting that close to it. What if it thought I were a bee?

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