Mid-Week Movie #13: Where the Wind Goes

After two largely technical exercises, this week brings something a little different: matching poetry to video images, trying to enhance both, while using a soundtrack that works for both mood and pace.

At the same time, I’m continuing to experiment with various effects: in this one, primarily cropping and blending (in which one video overlays another in some fashion).

Great fun!


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8 Responses to Mid-Week Movie #13: Where the Wind Goes

  1. Jim Taylor says:

    Loved your selection of poetry. Some of them I knew, some were new to me. Thank you.
    The best video clip, for reasons that I won’t attempt to fathom, was the one with the reflection of a heron stalking upside down across the top of the frame — made me pay attention!
    Jim T

  2. You are getting goooood at this!

  3. ian hepher says:

    This is downright beautiful, Isabel! Thanks for sharing it. And, as a bonus, I learned that the title of W.O. Mitchell’s book “Who Has Seen the Wind” comes from a poem by Christina Rossetti!

  4. Alison Uhrbach says:

    Love the dragonfly, he’s smiling – did you notice? Also, I agree, you’re very talented, and I’m impressed that you can match poetry to photos – makes me wonder which comes first?
    Just catching up on your blog – always a good Sunday morning activity.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Alison – Glad you like it. My challenge for this week (the New York trip) turned out to be more challenging (or at least more time consuming) than I expected, so it won’t emerge until next week. As for the poetry matching, the photos came first, then I looked for poetry and quotations. It might be fun to try it the other way around . . .

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