Shells, Garden Key

There’s no collecting in national parks, so the beach on Garden Key is littered with shells. But apparently there’s no prohibition against moving shells around, as the first two photos show.

Whelk shells stuck on branches of driftwood.Weathered coral pieces stacked to make a tower.Weathered coral pieces stacked to make a tower.End-on view of weathered whelk shell on beach.

Multi-coloured crab shell and pink interior of whelk shell.


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6 Responses to Shells, Garden Key

  1. Jim Taylor says:

    How — and why — does a conch lavish such magnificent colour on the inside of shell that the conch itself can’t see, and no one else is ever expected to see?
    Jim T

  2. Barry Jewell says:

    I thought that the first two photos looked very natural. Perhaps I have been in the wrong parts of the world.

  3. Playing with shells and sharing the fun definitely beats fighting one’s way through an ice storm to access the mailbox. Never mind the conch’s view, its pink and flesh-tone interior is its gift to me!

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – Yes, and I just stumbled across all these placements, so it was a real bonus. I figure almost anything is better than fighting through ice . . .

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