Wood Stork Feet, Delray Beach FL

Always in search of a different perspective – at least visually – I like to consider birds’ feet, as well as their faces.

Sometimes it works.

Close-up of wood stork's sinewy pink feet


  1. Jim Taylor

    This also bears on Seth Godin’s message of re-seeing what’s already there. This morning at church, we sang “This Little Light of Mine,” and waved a finger in the air. And I was struck by what those fingers said about the pain of arthritis, knobbled and bent. Or of workplace accidents, with the end of a finger missing. Or perhaps of vanity, with fingernails that would rival a bobcat’s. Learning to see — really to see — beyond the fancy plumage to the stuff that isn’t so obvious, so demanding, can be rewarding.
    Jim T

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim T – I wonder (ha) whether anyone else thought about the fingers in that way. Likely not, so then I wonder what other musings were generate din that sanctuary this morning. The world really is full of wonders, isn’t it?

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