Ruddy Duck, Murrells Inlet SC

Splish, splash
I was takin’ a bath
Bobby Darin, 1958

Ah, one of the many Bobbies of my childhood.  This sort of music shouldn’t be so memorable, but those lines have embedded themselves in our culture, like it or not, and they surely came to mind as I watched the spray this little duck was generating.  

Here, at the very end of my new camera’s range, is a female ruddy duck.  Not a ruddy female duck, just to be clear.  Compared to some other ducks they hold their tail distinctively upright.  Even, apparently, in the bath . . .

Female ruddy duck splashing, both wings raised

Female ruddy duck tilted over while splashing



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim T – My speculation is that their feathers are designed to repel water in the normal course, so they use bathing and feather fluffing to work water down to the skin and to completely clean their plumage. I will check with my Bird Expert . . .

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