Glass Panes, Hampton Plantation

For now we see through a glass, wavily.

According to some observers, wavy old glass has artistic value and I have to say that I also think it’s kind of cool. I had heard that old glass is wavy because it flows over time, bunching up at the bottom of the pane, but that’s not true. Instead, the waves are the result of the original production process.

These photos are of window glass in Hampton Plantation House, built in stages from 1735 to 1790. Are these panes of glass original to the house? Dunno. But they’re not new.

Wavy view through old window pane in Hampton Plantation, Georgetown SC.

Wavy view through old window pane in Hampton Plantation, Georgetown SC.


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4 Responses to Glass Panes, Hampton Plantation

  1. Tom Watson says:

    Interesting, Isabel.
    Have you read that in the new Apple headquarters the walls are all glass and employees keep walking smack dab into them?

    Also, the other night on TV Ontario they had a program about building The Shard in London, England. It’s a 650 meter glass building. Incredible story.

  2. The farmhouse across the road has some original glass in the front door sidelights. Traditionally, (I have heard) the ladies of the house test the validity of their diamond engagement and wedding rings on it by scratching the wavy glass. I am witness to the scratches, at least.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – I didn’t think to look for scratches. Over the house’s history, there could have been quite a few. 🙂

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