Brown Pelicans (Incoming!)

Some photos make my teeth hurt: They’re so close to being what I wanted but aren’t quite there.

On a last-time-this-season visit to Huntington Beach State Park, I had early morning light, smooth reflective water, two obliging brown pelicans . . . and reflexes not quite fast enough to get a sharp focus.  And of course it’s not like missing a shot of a bridge, which will be in the same spot, doing the same thing, tomorrow.

Maybe it’s like golf.  The near misses keep you coming back, almost as much as the good shots.

Brown pelicans coming in for a landing, eings extended and feet down

Two brown pelicans coming in for a landing, wings extended and feet down

Brown pelicand landing in a reflective pond


    1. Isabel Gibson

      Sid – If only a mulligan were possible in nature photography. I love what I did get, but would have liked them better if they were sharper.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Kate – Thanks! I don’t really know how many are banded. So often they’re sitting atop the evidence, or too far away. But seeing bands is not rare down here, for sure.

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