Brown Pelicans

Who knew there were so many ways for a brown pelican to look down its nose?

Who knew they had so much bird-ality?

Juvenile brown pelican with neck fully extended

Juvenile brown pelican with bill ajar as if laughing

Adult brown pelican looking down his nose


  1. Jim Taylor

    A wondrous bird is the pelican
    Its beak holds more than its belly can
    It can hold in its beak
    Enough food for a week
    And I don’t know how in the helican.

    I read somewhere that the limerick is the only truly English-language form of poetry. Everything else is borrowed from somewhere else. So I submit that in honour of the English, who no doubt stole it from the Irish. Nothing to do with the bird, of course.
    Jim T

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim – I had never heard that about the limerick. Certainly they are wondrous birds. (Also, alerted by your follow-up comment, I have corrected the final line of your limerick and it seems to have taken. I think it matters how you hold your tongue.)

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