Zoom Zoom

“How’s 10 work, next Tuesday?”

I squint at the tiny calendar on my phone screen.

“Oh, no, I have a physio booked at 10:30 for my back.  Something later that day?”

One of my dentist’s reception/booking/billing/appointment-making staff squints at her screen.

“Not Tuesday.  Would 10:30 on Wednesday work?”

I swipe to the next day.

“Oh, no, I have to see my doctor about a sleep apnea test.  Thursday?”


“Oops, no, sorry.  Physio follow-up again. ”



As I try to enter this new medical appointment in my calendar app without losing it and without overlapping with any other such, I wonder when I became my parents.



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Barry – Hahaha. Yes, I find that I can never understand “what’s wrong” with other people until, all too soon, the same thing is wrong with me.

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