Wood, Iceland

Iceland’s use of exterior wood made it seem like a Scandinavian country.

Collage of 2 exterior wooden structuresIts limited ability to grow its own wood made it seem like an Arctic country.

Ground-hugging tree in Iceland lava fieldI guess both of those make sense.



  1. I love the weathered blue-painted boards, which look approximately like what I did to my barn-board kitchen cabinets to the consternation of the sons who built them and favored the dark wood. How very nice to find a confirmation for my personal taste and the Scandinavian link that probably explains why I made that unusual choice.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Laurna – Interesting. I saw unpainted/weathered boards, and no blue. Well, they do say that colour is not an objective phenomenon but a human experience. Certainly the aesthetic that we saw in many places seemed distinctively Scandinavian to us. The small towns along the coast were, with one exception, pristine, even if not affluent.

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