Autumn Crocus, Glenveagh National Park

What’s that purple flower?

Several of us stare down at the purple in question.

If it weren’t September, I’d say it was a crocus.

I take a few photos and move on. Between social activities supporting a family wedding, we’re on a flying visit to Glenveagh National Park and don’t have time to track down any of the gardeners who are, clearly, employed in these formal gardens.

3-photo collage of presumed autumn crocusA later search using Google Images offers a “best guess” of spring crocus: clearly not, given the time of year, but it does help by confirming that “crocus” reaction. My best guess is that it’s an autumn crocus.


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4 Responses to Autumn Crocus, Glenveagh National Park

  1. Jim Robertson says:

    Nice photos of nice flowers whatever they maybe

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim R – Maybe we should plant them here (whatever “they” are!). Brighten up the neighbourhood.

  2. The lawn around the moat/swimming pool behind The Highlands Condo is full of dandelion puff balls…It is September… Hmmm.

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